Investor Relations

Board of Directors

Directors are elected at general meetings for a term of office of three years and may be reelected. The accumulated term of office of independent non-executive Directors may not exceed six years.

Members of the Fifth Session of Board of Directors

Name Title
XUE Feng Chairman
JU Hao Non-executive Director
YAN Jun Non-executive Director
SONG Bingfang Non-executive Director
YIN Lianchen Non-executive Director
CHAN Ming Kin Non-executive Director
XUE Keqing Non-executive Director
MENG Xiangkai Non-executive Director
XU Jingchang Independent non-executive Director
XIONG Yan Independent non-executive Director
LI Zheping Independent non-executive Director
AU Sing Kun Independent non-executive Director
WANG Yong Independent non-executive Director

Special Committees Under the Board

Remuneration, Nomination and Credentials Committee XIONG Yan (Chairman)、XUE Feng、YAN Jun、CHAN Ming Kin、XU Jingchang、AU Sing Kun
Strategies and Development Committee XUE Feng(Chairman)、YAN Jun、YIN Lianchen、XUE Keqing、MENG Xiangkai、WANG Yong
Audit Committee XU Jingchang (Chairman)、JU Hao、 SONG Bingfang、Chan Ming Kin、 XIONG Yan、LI Zheping
Risk Management Committee LI Zheping(Chairman)、JU Hao、SONG Bingfang、YIN Lianchen、AU Sing Kun、WANG Yong